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     How it Works

Typical potentiometer installations expose the spindle portion of the potentiometer above the top surface of the guitar. When a knob is affixed to the spindle, the overall height can range from 5/8" to 1".
With the Pro-Dials system a recessed adapter lowers the mounting height of a potentiometer to below that of the top surface of the guitar. Taking advantage of the now lowered mounting position, a corresponding low profile knob attaches to the potentiometer with full spindle engagement below the top surface of the guitar and the overall height of the control knob can be kept to a minimum. The result is a low profile knob with a clean integrated look and as a side benefit, increased protection for the potentiometer.

Installation Requirements:
It should be noted that the Pro-Dials system is not a direct replacement bolt-on item and due to the 3/4" mounting hole diameter required for the adapter insert, applications are limited to new guitar designs and custom shop retrofit.